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Dallas Music Hall
The old Fair Park Music Hall is still one of the best places to see the summer musicals series and other touring stage productions.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel
The Texas Star, a main attraction of the State Fair (along with Big Tex) is the ferris wheel towering in the background behind the Dallas World Aquarium.

The Gulf Cloud Fountain Fair Park Dallas
"The Gulf Cloud" fountain sculpture at Fair Park is in the foreground. Great views of downtown from Fair Park - it's much closer to downtown than most people think.

The Cotton Bowl
The Cotton Bowl at Fair Park this is the original home of the Dallas Cowboys and site of the college Cotton Bowl game each New Year's Day (and the loudest place in Dallas if the Aggies happen to be playing!) Used to host SMU football games (til their new stadium was built) but still plays host to Dallas Burn soccer and large concerts.