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Oddball Facts about Dallas:

On average, Dallas is windier than Chicago - "The Windy City." Chicago's annualized average wind speed is 10.4 mph. Dallas averages 10.7 mph for the full year, and has higher wind speed averages in eight of the 12 calendar months.
The original Chili's restaurant was opened in Dallas in an old Inter Urban electric rail depot building on Greenville Avenue at Meadow. Chili's is still operating at the same site
Dallasans have displayed a voracious appetite for books over the past several decades. For several years in the 50s and 60s, Cokesbury's Bookstore in downtown Dallas sold more books than any other retail bookstore in America, including the largest stores in New York, Chicago, and Boston.
In the early days of Texas, Dallas was considered more an eastern or northern city than a Texas city by many in the southern, central and western reaches of the Lone Star State. Dallas is actually closer to St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, and New Orleans, than it is to the far west Texas city of El Paso, and is much nearer Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana than to either Houston or San Antonio. (Oh how true this is!)
In an average year, Dallas has 191 days of sunshine, 107 of which are rated "clear." The other 174 days are cloudy, 92 of them producing rain, sleet or snow. (Excuse me, but Iíve lived here for well over 20 years and I think itís closer to 291 days of sunshine, 207 of them being clear! No WAY do we get 92 days a year with precipitation!)
Dallas was founded in 1841, while Texas was still a Republic. Four years later, Dallas residents voted 29 to 3 in favor of Texas' annexation by the United States.

Gunfighter, gambler and guzzler Doc Holliday practiced dentistry in Dallas during the 1870s before heading further west to find lasting fame at