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The following are some great sites. Though they are in no way affiliated with B.A.R.C... They offer the new and seasoned Boston Parent enormous wealth of information on the breed. As well as meeting and talking with other Parents. And of course a wonderful place to find Rescues to share your life with. Saved by some very wonderful and devoted Boston people. Please visit all these wonderful sites, have fun,learn,save a life, or send bt cards.

(r)=Rescue,(c)=Contests,(ec=)E-Cards,(i)=BT Items for sale ,(fc/)=Forums/chats
Boston Links
Bostons in
  • Common (i,r,fc)
  • Boston Terrier Org.(fc)
    Austin TX. Rescue
    Hanging by a Thread
  • mention BARC when ordering
  • Boston Terrier
  • Rescue Net
  • Boston Symphony (i,ec,C).
    Ebay Rescue Items
    Daphne's Den
  • And missing Boston
  • Adopt a Boston

    Pet Loss
    Virtual Memorial Garden|PetLoss|Meggie RBB and Sympathy cards

    All Breed Rescue Links

    Rescues|More Rescue

    Connecting Pet lovers With Pet Professionals