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"Time flies,"everyone says. It's frightening sometimes to look in the mirror and see the evidence of that. So often, we don't take a moment to say what's in our hearts, and then, when it's too late, we wish we had. I'm taking a moment now, Mom, to tell you this... When I was a child, there was so much I couldn't understand, like how hard you worked and how much you sacrificed for our family. There were dreams you had to put on hold and dreams that never came true. You must have felt frustrated sometimes, no doubt, and at times even full of despair. Yet you never gave less than your best to us. You didn't have an exciting career or beautiful clothes. You never traveled the world or drove a fancy car. Every day, you looked after us, worried about us, fed us, and loved us, without expecting anything in return. You see, Mom, I know now and understand that you actually gave me two lives: my own... and yours. -- Cheryl Van Gieson Happy Mother's Day