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Well I arrived in Newark Ohio to visit Aunt Melia cousin Venetia they have lots of fun things planned.By the way I found out the state bird is the cardinal, Ohio is the Buckeye State (horse Chestnut tree),The state insect is the Lady Bug and the song playing is Ohio the Beautiful you can find out morehere
Well I just picked up Barcley at the airport. He arrived on time and seems happy to meet us. We will be going out to lunch soon. He got hear at 11:55 April 14 . And will take him by TCBY to show him where he will be working tomorrow with me. Barcley says he can't wait to try all the goodies there.

Barcley had a hard time saying my name so he calls me Aunt Pete. The frist pic is Venetia and my husband. (My husband Carl said it was nice to have another male in the house) The next pic is my mother with Barcley. She thought he was just great. And anytime he needs a home he's got one with her.

Then the pic of Venetia,Carl and me at my mother's house.
OMG what a meeting this was. Brit loved Barcley she thought (I guess) he was one of her babies. And Sage wanted to play with him. Both gave him lots of Kisses.