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I wanted to share my story with you especially for those who are grieving for a pet. I have had Bostons all my life - when I was in my mother's womb we had Bostons!!! I have never spent a day without one. I have three Bostons now - two are rescues. Well, a few years ago a friend asked me to help her with an emergency. I had to go to the CACC and adopt an abused Chihuahua that was going to be killed that day. I went and got the dog "Pepe". He was vicious and my friend had no one who would adopt him!!!! So I took him to a no-kill shelter where I volunteer, knowing he would be very well cared for there. He was treated like a king at the shelter, everyone knew him, and everyone loved him. However, Pepe HATED everyone!!! But, he would tolerate me! He was there for a year and finally the president of the shelter said "Michele no one will ever adopt him - you have to take him home." So, reluctantly, I did. I only had him for three "cantankerous" years, but loved every minute of my time with him. He was an incredible character! He was also the smartest dog I ever owned. On Thursday, 7/27/00, Pepe died. He had a heart condition that I had been treating him for with medication. In addition, he would literally die from time to time. He would pass out, turn blue, stop breathing and his heart would stop. I would resuscitate him repeatedly. On Thursday, nothing, not even the heroic efforts of the veterinarian could make him stay on earth. I have been grieving over him ever since. So I went to the petloss grief site and read some things people had written. So many had talked about seeing a real rainbow either at the time of their pets death or after. It was comforting …. A little. Friday, I took Pepe's body to the cemetery and made arrangements for his funeral for today, Saturday. While I was there I took a walk to the section were my pet's plot is (very large). There had been another person's headstone near my plot with a picture of a Boston on it and it was gone…. in its place was the most incredible headstone I had ever seen…It is about 5 feet wide and 3 ft. high and shaped from shiny black granite into the form of a book. On one side (page), it read: The page has turned, the present is past We have not lost you for love always lasts! On the other side was a sketch (white on the black granite) of an ocean, clouds, seagulls and a rocky shoreline. On the rocks stood a woman holding a leash that was attached to the most beautiful Boston I had ever seen. The headstone was magnificent. I thought, "How nice, Pepe will be buried with all my Bostons and there are even more Bostons close by, with a Boston even sketched on the headstone!" This morning, I was in the shower getting ready for the funeral, I was sobbing, and screaming at God to show me a sign, that Pepe is all right. I told God I could not believe we could love these animals so deeply and hurt so terribly when they died and that He would discard them and not keep them with Him in His Kingdom. I said, "God show me a sign, that Pepe is with you. Show ME a rainbow like you showed the others….SHOW ME A RAINBOW!!!! I went to the cemetery and since I was a little early, I went back to the headstone to look at it again. Suddenly, behind me I heard a voice "Have you looked at the back? Go and look at the back!" I had been completely alone at the time, but when I turned there was Trevor the caretaker. He had appeared out of no where. (Trevor would take a whole other story - he is truly the Guardian Angel of the animals in the pet cemetery). So, I did as he said. When I got to the back, I screamed! OH MY GOD, I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!! He said, "That's the Rainbow Bridge." There across the entire five feet of this magnificent headstone was ANOTHER sketch! It showed the earth and in the sky was St. Francis, beside him was a Boston and a Dove, but stretching from the earth to St. Francis was a RAINBOW - IN FULL COLOR!!!!! On the Rainbow Bridge were two more Bostons crossing over to St. Francis and the Boston who was there to greet them!!!! Only Pepe, with his ferociously strong character could have pushed God to send such a clear message to show he was O.K. I asked God to show me a rainbow and he showed me a permanent one!!!! This is not the first time I have received a sign when a pet has died, but this was the most blatant sign I ever received! It was time for Pepe's burial. I went back to the viewing room to see him one last time. I put a banana (he always loved them) and his special treats in his coffin. He was lying on a satin pillow and covered with a satin blanket but I also covered him with his favorite sheet that he always wrapped himself in at night - like a little Arab! I wasn't hurting anymore - I knew deep in my soul that he was O.K. and there was no more need to grieve. I will always miss his earthly presence …but I won't feel anymore grief or pain….because he is still with me. Now you may think I'm crazy but I know that … I truly know that.. our pets are waiting for us, in fact they can see us now - they may be gone from our sight but we are not gone from theirs! -May you have the same peace in your hearts that I have in mine today. Michele