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Thank you for your interest in adopting a Boston Terrier. In order for us to find the best match for you and our rescue dogs we ask that you fill out the following application as accurately and honestly as possible. When you have completed the form, please return it to the address listed below. Because we depend solely on donations for our work, we find it necessary to request an application fee of $5.00 to help with the postage and phone calls involved in processing this application. Thank-you for your understanding.
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
Phone-daytime: ______________________________________
e-mail: _____________________________________________ Please list the members of your household, with ages:____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the dog?_________________________________
Where will the dog live during the day? __________________ at night?______________________
Will the dog have the run of the house, be blocked off parts of the house, use a crate, be tied outside, or live in the yard - please explain?___________________________________________________
Please list other pets, ages and if they are spayed or neutered?______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
Have you ever bred dogs? _____________ Do you plan to? _______________ Have you ever crate trained a dog? ______
Have you ever obedience trained a dog? ___________ Would you be willing to take an obedience course with your dog?_____
Is your residence: House _____ Condominium _____ Apartment_____(Are pets allowed? _____) town _____city _____rural ______
Do you have a yard? _____ Is it fenced? _____ What type of fencing? ______________________ How high? _____
Is someone home during the day? _____ If not, how long will the dog be alone (average)? _______

What is the role you see a dog having in your life? Family pet/companion _____ Obedience work _____ Agility work _____ Therapy work _____ Other (please specify) ___________________________________________