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Hello World!!! I am Barcley!!
Come journey with me!
This is my story and Oh how happy I am to tell you. Have you ever woken up one day and seen the sun and really felt its warmth for the first time? Without fear? Or wondered why the hands that held you were soft and gentle and not causing you pain and fear? Have you found that something new and beautiful was beginning to form deep inside yourself ~ something that felt warm and fuzzy and made you want to jump for sheer pleasure ~ instead of trying to jump out of the way of the boot that hurts you so much…or the other big rough dogs that are put with you sometimes that hurt tooooo much to bear!!!! Have you been touched with wonder by a soft voice full of tenderness and compassion, instead of the shouting abuse or cruel laughter you are used to? This wonderful thing has happened to me. Its like magic and I am now one of the happiest little Bostons that ever was …cause I HAVE BEEN RESCUED by Barc…and they have given me hope instead of hopelessness ~ Love where there was only despair ~ and imagine this!!!!! They have given me a job to do!!! ME??? And a real name too -- Barcley….oh I am happy… As you can tell, I was one of the very many unloved animals that live in the utmost despair of fear and neglect and abuses of all kinds…my story is the story of oh too many real animals – but now I have been Rescued ~ and been given the precious job of helping others be given this chance to feel love…. I have been asked to travel all over…anywhere at all that good kind hearted people want me to go … and tell the story of how the POWER of ONE can and does save lives and how all of us…me…(oh boy…ME???) and you, my hosts can tell everyone how much their help is needed to save another and then another puppy, mumma dog or daddy dog … a blind or crippled dog…a dog who has been abandoned because they have been considered no good, or too much trouble…too costly…too sick….too ugly….or just a little dog like me…who has never before known love – but who has the need and longing for arms to hold and soft voices to help us settle the aches in our bodies and in our hearts…. Please take me into your hearts too and let me see where you live and bring your love and hugs and human ‘money stuff’ back to save others who are waiting for the sound of a human voice filled with love and compassion…waiting to be simply held and told “Its alright little fellow or sweetie…you are safe now. Rest easy.. You are rescued.”
This is Barclay just saying thank you and I love you.