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Rosie's Story
Kathy Hargis

Rosalie was a breeding dog from Pa. She came to us a scared, malnourished, unsocialized little girl, who appeared to never have experienced love. After months of working with her, she finally started to trust. It took about 3 months for her to be able to make eye contact. Rosie has been with us for 3 yrs now. She has happy moments where she will run a little and play. She also has days where she will hide and let no one by her. She had a rough time this past Christmas. She developed pneumonia in Oct. and after aggressively treating her illness, it came back with a vengence. The whole week of Christmas I spent by her side in ICU. She was on an IV and in an oxygen tank. They all expect the worst. She was not responding. Besides being emotionally exhausted, watching the little soul who had warmed my heart so, weaken, I was faced with thousands of dollars in bills. I don't know what I would have done without the emotional support and the financial help I received though BARC. I thank all of you for your help. Rosie overcame the odds..She has made a recovery, though now she suffers shortness of breath, and her rear leg is weakened (she walks on 3 legs now) Steriods have healed her lungs a bit, but have taken a toll, on the rest of her. We cherish every moment with her.

Buster's Story
Gwen Eder

I got an email from a shelter in Northern Indiana about a 5 year old male stray that they had that was not getting adopted and they were going to have to put him down if rescue did not take him. We went and got him and while he was in foster care his eye started having problems and he ended up having to have it removed. After he healed he was adopted to a couple when he promptly got diarrhea very bad and they returned him after only 3 days. He was rushed to my vet and he was in intensive care for another 3 days. Buster's vet bill from his hospital stay was in excess of $350 which BARC graciously helped Midwest BT Rescue with. Buster's total care was well over $900 but he was so worth it. He now lives near Detroit and has a sister named Pinky and a step brother, a blind Boston named Miles who was also one of our rescues. He is totally spoiled and loved.

Spikes's Story
Kim Pennington

Spike was rescued from Tennessee by Kentucky Boston Terrier Rescue and is approximately 3-4 years old. He has spent most of his life chained up outside. What I noticed from the beginning was that Spike seemed to be constipated. After discussing this with my vet there seemed no probable cause to worry. Then I noticed that he could hardly use the bathroom at all. I took him to my vet who thought he might have an intestinal infection. He gave him a shot and some antibiotics to take home. That particular weekend, Spike took a serious turn for the worse and began passing blood from his rectum. I took Spike to the vet immediately. X-rays were done, which indicated that Spike's colon was about 4 times the size it should have been. It was so full that they could not even see inside the colon to determine what was causing the problem. Spike spent a few days at the vet's office to clean him out and try and retake the x-rays. At this time, Spike had begun vomiting his food back up before he was able to digest. It was during this time that I contacted BARC. They were able to provide financial assistance to help pay Spike's vet bill. The vet concluded that it was some sort of nerve problem and said that Spike's tail had been very badly docked and it could have caused some nerve damage. Anyway, Spike was adopted to a family in Nashville, TN. He is an inside dog and even has his own spot at the dinner table :?) The new family is WONDERFUL and Spike has become quite spoiled. The family consists of Mom, Dad and an adopted teenage son from another country. The son is one of the nicest teenagers you will ever meet and Spike is his "best bud." .