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Alex, Posted by Debra Rowlands on December 03, 1999 at 23:20:46 I am very,very happy to announce that Alex, the hit-by-car-and-blinded baby boy that Terry Joyce in Illinois so lovingly fostered, has been adopted by my daughter and son-in-law. He is, right at this very moment, being spoiled and very much loved by his two doting parents. he couldn't be loved more...I attest to that, being his very doting grandmother!! He is so precious. I have to admit that I wondered how it would work out, him being blind, but he is wonderful! He is a very special addition to our homes, and hats off to Terry...she is quite the gal! She really came through for this little baby, when he needed it most, and had no one else. There is a shining star with her name on it in Heaven. Alex is an example to all of us, and a testimony that dogs can be blind and still have a full life. He is going to get his photo made with Santa tomorrow! .

Lonesome Cowboy  Found a good family
Ya hoo I've been adopted!!!!
By April and Cory from OK.
More Info as it becomes Available

Found a good family
This little boy was about 6-7 months old when we got him. He was picked up as a stray in Memphis, no collar, tags or ID's of any kind. When he was picked up, he had open cuts and the mange so bad most of his hair was gone. The shelter vet and the Humane Association worked together to keep him from being euthanized during the 3 weeks he was at the shelter. On the 4th week he was well enough to be adopted to a local resident. He was returned to the shelter 2 days later, no reason was given for bringing him back. The Humane Association then took control of him and placed him with us. This "before" picture was taken the night we got him. Keep in mind he had been under the vet's care for 4 weeks, you can imagine what he looked like before that. The after picture was taken 7 weeks after he came to live with us. I hope his pictures and story will help people understand the need for rescue and expense involved. Also included our Thanksgiving picture. Thanks, Wayne
By Wayne and Deb

Featuring Bunny

Bunny (formerly known as Dolly; I changed her name because I wanted her to forget her past), came into our lives on November 3, 1999. I wasn't expecting to be getting a rescue dog that weekend, but with the help of a fellow BARC member (Merr) Bunny came bouncing into our lives that day! Hesitant and none too trusting at first, Bunny slowly but surely warmed up to us that week. She progressed from walking around and whining all day to sleeping contentedly in her new, soft bed and trying to get us to play ball with her (we happily complied). Our own dog Bandit was none too pleased with this addition, but is slowly coming around. Having been an abused dog, Bunny was a bit touchy at first and actually still is in some ways, but all in all has made a big transition and is showing us her true, loving personality. She was intended to be a foster dog, but there is no way we can give her up now, even though she has a way to go yet with training and with trust. Hopefully, this will come in time; meanwhile it pleases me to no end to be able to look into her sweet little face and tell her "You will never want for love or anything else ever again".