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Rosie at the Paralympics
We did it!! Jean took me and her friend Merle to the Paralmpic Games…

Wow it was the most fantastic day ever…big happy crowds and those athletes…well I cried a bit..they are just so brave and work sooooo hard… And Jean and Merle had a few tears too..

We had to leave my Potchee at home…but I told him all about it.. First I had a big train trip…then a shorter one..when we met Merle in Blacktown and then WE WERE THERE… Jean holding me up in front of the Olympic stadium…exciting… big crowds and a HUGE spider…on stilts..tee hee

OH OH me and Jean…with one of the huge flies…their wings were beautiful..but we thought the strong winds would topple him over onto us…Jean was scared of him…I was brave!
Here is Jean and me..standing near the track and field..Inside the Olympic stadium