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Boston Allied Rescue Connection

The mission of BARC is:
(a) To rescue Boston Terrier dogs from situations of actual or probable abuse or neglect or from imminent euthanasia.

(b) To raise funds in support for rescuing, transporting and fostering Boston Terrier dogs.

(c) To provide financial assistance to facilitate the rescue, fostering and adoption of Boston Terrier dogs.

The Boston Allied Rescue Connection was born through the efforts of Bostons In Common members shortly after Spanky and Dollar, two New York City Bostons, were rescued from a shelter they were in. When we saw how beautifully teamwork could succeed, it was decided to continue on with these efforts through a rescue group of our own. We are a struggling group; wrestling with organizing, fund raising, and rescuing all at once but the determination of our members will guarantee our ultimate survival! One of our greatest purposes is to unite with other Boston Rescue groups, eventually creating a chain of rescue volunteers across the United States and hopefully, through Canada where Boston Terrier rescue groups are scarce. Many thanks to Spanky and Dollar for helping to make a dream come true...

BARC President ---- Tami Brown
Vice President ---- Merr Klink
Secretary --------- Carmen Santiago
Treasurer --------- Michele Foran
Committee Org. ----Kathy Hargis
Transport Coordinator
Webmaster --Merr
Asst. to Webmaster -- Tracey Ulrich, & Astrid
AllBostons Webmaster -- Kandi Richard

B.A.R.C Email

%Michele Foran, Treasurer
920 Pelhamdale Apt C2A
Pelham Manor
NY, 10803


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Boston Terriers are very special dogs, however, they are not for everyone.

Bostons require a lot of time and attention. They are and have been bred to be companions. They will langusih without human contact. They are not "outside" dogs!

Boston Terriers are very active dogs that love to play. Without some basic training they will jump on you and maybe even give little nips while playing. Some Bossies have been given up for these very reasons.

Boston Terriers are also prone to many health problems, many of which require expensive Veterinary attention. If you would like to know more about some of these health problems, please visit

Boston Terrier Club of America's Health Committee.

We are NOT trying to discourage you from rescuing a Boston, We just want people to be aware of some of the down sides of sharing your life with these wonderful little creatures so that they will not end up needing to be "rescued" again.

Our prayers, thoughts and tears are with
those who lost loved ones on 9/11/2001
And all the rescue workers,Police,Fire
civilians and rescue dogs..Also remembered
are the animals who also perished, at least 2
where known to be on the plane in Washington
at least 1 K9 who worked in the WTC. and all
the working companion dogs who stayed with their
Our prayers are also with those pets who are now
without a family ...


Travels of R. Barcley The Rescue BT

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BARC participated at the 2002 Puppymill march at Harrisburg here's Kathy minding the Booth

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