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WHAT YOU CAN DO to fight animal cruelty

From: Animal Legal Defense Fund Visit their website

--Report any act of cruelty or neglect you see to the humane investigator at your local humane society, animal control department or SPCA, and demand it be investigated. --Contact your local law enforcement and public prosecutor* and provide them with your evidence. Ask them to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth by investigating and prosecuting crimes that occur within their jurisdiction. --In situations that involve unsanitary conditions, contact your health department. --If the above agencies are unwilling to proceed, contact your state attorney and ask them to intervene. --Do not accept the "boys will be boys" excuse from prosecutors who refuse to charge juveniles with animal cruelty. Talk to your elected officials (mayor, town council, etc.) and ask them for help. Contact the media and ask that they do a story about the situation; write letters to the editor; call local talk radio shows; organize other members of the community to contact the prosecutors's office. --Use the power of the Internet to organize specific actions and contact key law enforcement officials and legislators. --Contact ALDF’s Animal Cruelty Actionline at (800) 555-6517 or about the cruelty case. We can contact the prosecutor, offer our assistance and urge vigorous prosecution. --The key to preventing cruelty is education. Teach children from the earliest age that animals deserve humane treatment and respect. Empower children to feel safe when reporting cruel behavior. Become a volunteer or mentor at your local school ... empathy can be taught. * Depending on where you live, the City Attorney, County Attorney, District Attorney or State’s Attorney is responsible for prosecuting animal cruelty cases. Check with your local government office or contact ALDF to determine which prosecuting office is the appropriate one to contact in your jurisdiction.

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